Constantly Varied or Random?

At CVSC we pride ourselves in thoughtful, progressive programming that is meant to enable athletes to have meaningful exercise and measurable progress. This means that sometimes you’ll see a workout you’ve done recently pop up again or movements vary in weight or intensity over a course of time. These are tell-tell signs of programming. As in, planning daily […]

You Will Get Bulky | Eat to Perform

  “I think it’s time we stop dancing around the topic of getting “bulky” as a woman who lifts. Saying “lifting weights won’t make a woman bulky” is downplaying the hard work and dedication it takes to be strong. It’s downplaying all those who aspire to build “bulk” (muscle) and strive for their own personal […]

Perfectionism: When Beautiful Isn’t Beautiful Enough

Perfectionism: When Beautiful Isn’t Beautiful Enough | Arnold Schwarzenegger. Coming from and written by Rob Sulaver, comes a post that really hits home on the values behind self-improvement & motivations. I highly recommend you click over and read the full piece there, but here’s a few key points that stood out.  He addresses the […]