Summer Recipes

The 4th of July has long past, but for all Utahans, the second excuse to light fireworks and overeat is upon us. Pioneer Day, July 24th is coming up and there will be a lot of difficult food choices to be made. To make the barbeque a little easier, why not prepare a side dish […]

Getting Old & Getting Better

  We all are guilty of it at some point or another. “I wish I had started Cross Fit when I was his age!” “I’m too old for that stuff.” “Just think what I could do if I’d known about this 10 years ago.”   We feel too old, and too late to really achieve […]

July Featured Athlete: Cat Kang

1. How did you find out about CrossFit? I started looking for a gym after I started reading that exercise, in particular weight bearing exercise, was an excellent way of staving off osteoporosis and dementia.  I was on my own and i wanted to do what i could to maximize the chances that i’d grow […]

Common Mistakes when Trying to Change your Body

This article from the Poliquin Group, “Seven Mistakes Women Make When Trying To Change Their Bodies” has great crossover application to men as well but primarily focuses on myths perpetuated in women’s weight loss & fitness magazines and popular media.  A couple key being #1. Focusing on Getting “Toned” The average training program for getting […]

Stick-to-itiveness & The Dark Side of Training

Oftentimes in the pursuit of physical fitness we try out new training programs to garner new results. And with most people new to a sport/program/challenge, its not all PRs and victory laps. Its just a lot of hard work. Grueling, hard work. You might find yourself in the middle of a long set of burpees […]