Let me extend a huge, sincere and heart felt thanks to every single person who took part in our 5th Annual Barbells for Boobs Fundraiser this morning. Hats off to CVSC/CF USU/CF UAC/Box Elder Elite Fitness/Logan Regional Hospital for your solid effort to help fight this horrible disease. We simply cannot say enough about this community and how thankful we are for you all stepping up and giving in such an amazing way. There are still donations coming in, we'll keep you posted on the final number raised. Let's keep it going!! @crossfitusu @crossfituac @beelitefitness @loganregional @jamers07 #barbellsforboobs #breastcancerawareness #amazinggrace #grace #fgb #crossfit #crossfitcommunity #kickcancersass #cvsc

Fit at 73

  An inspiring look at 73 year old CrossFitter & Prostate cancer survivor Jacinto Bonilla. His attitude and lifelong active lifestyle are exceptional. “Find out how Jacinto first discovered CrossFit six years ago at CrossFit Virtuosity in Brooklyn, and the impact that it has had on his life.”

Stress – Friend or Foe

Stress is usually a maligned term for a state of unhappiness & anxiety to avoid at all costs – we are medicating for it, avoiding it and demonizing it. But stress is an important factor in getting stronger. Stress exhibits pressure on a person & garners a physiological response. A simple way to asses whether […]