10 Things The Best Athletes Do (That You Don’t) | Eat to Perform

Courtesy of Eat to Perform comes a list of 10 things that great athletes do that set them ahead. “If you’re actively involved in strength and conditioning, I think it’s safe to say you live among people that are “different.”  Supposedly, there are all these people out there that don’t even lift, hate their lives, […]

The Art of Napping

Previously we have covered the importance of a full nights rest ( Sleep Like An All Star) to recovery and overall well-being. But below is a quick guide to one of the most enjoyable ways to add a few extra Z’s to your day. Napping.  Drifting off unscheduled naps at your desk isn’t ideal – […]

Ab & Back Work

For many people when they say ‘core exercises’ the only image that comes to mind is sit ups. As any CrossFit athlete can attest, there are many ways to create a strong midsection outside the standard situp, but its important to recognize that no amount of ‘ab’ workout will give you 6 pack abs on […]

A training environment is only as strong as the character of the people that fill it. CVSC has been very fortunate to have like minded individuals with a passion for changing peoples lives and challenging the status quo. I don't know many who work harder than this guy, his experience training a variety of clients over the years makes him an extremely valuable resource. CF New Life is lucky to have of luck in your next steps. @dillonedelen #cvsc #Leadfromthefront

December Featured Athlete: Marnie Ahlmer

1. How did you find out about CrossFit? My sister-in-law Jayme Thompson told me about it and so we thought we would give it a try together.  I knew right away that Crossfit was exactly what I was looking for.   2. What is your favorite Crossfit exercise or WOD? I love anything with weights […]

How to Undo the Damage of Sitting

Courtesy of the Art of Manliness, comes 7 nicely illustrated exercises you can do on the daily to help relieve the pain and immobility that comes from your desk job. You don’t have to do them in slacks & a button-up, but most are doable as work breaks or during commercials. Here’s 3 to get […]