BT Appreciation Day

Today we have an extra-special post. Dedicated to the one and only – Brad Thorne, founder, owner & head coach at CVSC. As we approach the gym’s 7 year anniversary this month & celebrate Brad’s big 4-0 today, we want to do a post sharing stories & thoughts about Brad from past and present CVSC trainers. Like a […]

From Paleo To Doughnuts

Excerpt from Dynamic Nutrition’s post:From Paleo To Doughnuts, & the Truth In The Middle “When I first started noticing the CrossFit craze about 4-5 years ago, it seemed like everyone in the community was eating “Paleo.”  Time went on, and it seemed that more and more athletes were switching from Paleo to Zone, or even […]

Inevitability & Pine Cones

  An inspiring repost from Sherry Stirling of I have in my desk drawer a few redwood tree cones.  Did you know that even though the redwood is the tallest and most majestic of trees  the cone is small, about the size of a thimble? I keep these cones because they remind me of human potential. Like […]

Why Barbells Are Better Than Machines | The Art of Manliness

Why Barbells Are Better Than Machines | The Art of Manliness. Here’s a guest post on The Art of Manliness by Mark Rippetoe (if you are unaware he is an American strength training coach and author of Starting Strength, among several other fitness-related pieces). “When a man walks into a gym, he may be confused […]